Friday, December 13, 2013

Curves for the Billionaires

A Fun Menage

When curvy girl Emily Grace goes to a secret kinky nightclub and meets the mysterious twins, Ethan and Matthew, she discovers a sensual aspect of herself she never knew existed.

Can she explore this new, wild side with the twins without losing her heart, or will she end up broken and rejected by both of them?

Approx 8200 words 
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#curvy #romance #billionaire

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Curvy Rose - My latest story!

Curvy girl Rose Marie Kelly runs a little shop called Flowers & Lace with her geeky friend Mike. She has an almost normal life going for her, until she sees her rich ex-boyfriend at her 10 year class reunion and the old passion flares anew.

Can she avoid heartbreak again or will the sexy Steve torment her and leave her broken and miserable like he did before?

Approx. 7600 words.
Available at Amazon (Kindle) -> Amazon
Barnes & Noble (Nook) -> Barnes & Noble
All Romance -> ARE

#curvy #romance